Bits ‘n Pieces

In the justice system:

  • Bernard James Brown Jr., a former bank credit card department manager at Eastern Virginia Bankshares, was sentenced to prison for bank fraud and identity theft. More.
  • Investigators have identified suspects in a debit card fraud scheme affecting more than two dozen Macon and Bibb County residents and skimmers used at Raceway gas stations. More.
  • Audrey L. Collins and Willie E. Briggs were indicted in Hawaii for participating in an ID theft ring that targeted different branches of CitiFinancial and victimized residents of six states. More.
  • Jason Michael Milmont, the hacker who confessed to creating one of the world’s first botnets to use peer-to-peer technology, avoided prison and was sentenced to five years of supervised probation and a year of home confinement because of the assistance he’s provided to prosecutors. More.

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