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In the justice system:

  • In Oregon, Ashley Marie Crayton, Devona Lenee Franklin, and Vivian Wang have been charged with ID theft after a complaint from a Wells Fargo branch. More.
  • In California, Cherie Ann Deloura was arrested on charges relating to a scam in which she added her name as an authorized user to American Express credit card accounts whose numbers had been stolen. There were at least a dozen victims in a number of states. More.
  • In Ohio, Michelle Eckerman, a former Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles employee, was sentenced to probation for her role in a fraudulent identification ring that began with stealing birth certificates and Social Security numbers of Puerto Rican residents. More.
  • In the UK, Constable Anna Wong pleaded guilty to illegally accessing information about dozens of Chinese people on Lothian and Borders Police computers. More.
  • In Rhode Island, Eric Snead, Harry Gonzalez, Norma Danzot, and Kenneth Muniz have been charged with ID for using over 50 victims’ stolen personal information to open credit cards in their name. More.

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