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In the justice system:

  • As a follow-up to a breach covered on last year, Anthony Wood, 45, a/k/a Anthony Bickerstaff, was sentenced to four years in prison and ordered to pay $67,292 in restitution for using stolen personal information of customers at Commerce Bank in Mount Laurel. Co-defendants Jennifer Mullner, a former loan services representative for Commerce Bank (now TD Bank) and William Roman were sentenced to probation late last year. At least 240 bank customers had their information stolen, and at least 5 had it misused. More.
  • In Washington, 5 people face possible jail time for stealing people’s Social Security Numbers to open up instant credit cards at retail stores, then racking up more than $125,000 in charges: Gardon Robert Burrage, Stephanie Leaan Locke, Jean Andrea Dyson, Valorie Almeta Dade, and Lakaia Cherie Dade. More.
  • Nine people were arrested in Georgia for allegedly attempting to acquire Georgia identification cards for undocumented aliens: Melisa D. Holweger, Peggy Sue Duckworth, Rita Charline Rodriguez, Froilan Garcia-Juarez, Jenner Estuardo Garcia-Garcia, Erica Ablizar Perez-Villegas, Hugo Juarez-Niz, Parfecto Delfino, and Portino Perez. More.
  • Some unidentified hotels and motels in the Nashville airport area were reportedly careless with guest records and as a result, a dumpster diving ring was able to obtain credit card info and personal information that they used for ID theft. A warranty for ID theft is out for William Frelix and investigators are seeking indictments on two others. More.
  • In Florida, the DOJ, FBI, and USSS teamed up to break up an ATM skimmer ring. Arrested and charged with fraud and ID theft are: Vittorio Tarantino, a/k/a “Feruccio Romagnioli,” Alexandru Dragomir, Iosif Rauca, and Gabriel Mircea Staicu, a/k/a “Gaby.” More.
  • In Alabama: Cardale Bates was indicted on charges of filing false claims for tax refunds in 2004 and 2005, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft for using other people’s names and Social Security numbers to file tax returns on their behalf that were deposited into several bank accounts that he and others controlled. More.
  • In Canada, an unnamed woman is facing fraud charges for allegedly trying to use stolen personal information to get a credit card. It seems she found the information of her predecessor at a local business at work and then used the information to apply for a credit card. More.

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