Bits ‘n Pieces

In the justice system:

  • Nakeshia Brown, a former patient care assistant at Memorial Hermann Hospital,  is facing charges of identity theft and bank fraud for allegedly stealing patients’ info to use to open credit cards.  More.  In 2003, the hospital was also involved in data breach involving a dishonest employee who stole patient information and sold it to others.
  • DenteMax notified (pdf) the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office that an employee may have compromised dentist provider information. The employee was immediately terminated and the matter referred to law enforcement. Those possibly affected were notified by letter this week.
  • Jagil Damien Stafford, a former mailroom supervisor at a First Republic Bank branch, has been charged with opening customer mail, making copies of checks, and selling those copies as part of a larger identity theft scheme. More.
  • Darryl Lyles, the former employee of GAO contractor RGB Technology, was sentenced for stealing more than 80 computers from the GAO. The judge gave him a relatively light sentence in terms of prison time because Lyle’s wife is also in prison (on unrelated charges) and someone has to take care of the children. RGB lost its government contract as a result of the incident and had to layoff 12 employees. More.

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