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In the justice system:

  • Eric Christopher Thorsen was sentenced to five years in prison for a scheme in which he and Amy Ruth Bergquist advertised for sex partners on Craigslist in order to steal their identities. Berquist was previously sentenced to prison for her part. More.
  • Laura Althouse, formerly employed at an Iowa slaughterhouse where hundreds of illegal immigrants were caught in a raid last year, withdrew her guilty plea to charges of ID theft after the Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors must show that the defendants knew the IDs were stolen from people. More.
  • Ion Datcu and Stelian Cipu were indicted in an alleged scheme that involved using ATM skimmers and stolen credit cards to purchase Visa gift cards and other items. More.
  • Dawn Philbin, the hospital worker who admitted she took about 20 patient records a week while employed at Saint Anthony Hospital and gave them to an alleged ID thief has pleaded not guilty to identity theft and to theft of medical records. More.
  • A ring of ID thieves apparently watches shoppers as they enter their PIN codes in stores, then follows them out to the parking lot while one thief distracts them while another lifts their card from their wallet and runs it through a card reader. There have been over 30 victims so far in Gatineau, Ottawa. More.

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