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In the justice system:

  • John Shiefer, the Los Angeles computer security consultant who turned thousands of computers into zombies, was sentenced to  four years in prison. More.
  • Four Arizona men accused of spending more than $1 million using stolen credit cards are being held in a Maricopa County jail; they allegedly obtained the card numbers by using skimmers. More.
  • “Joe the Plumber” is suing three former Ohio officials in Ohio for violating his privacy when they searched the state databases for information on him. More.
  • Lisa Kidd, a former  employee at Samaritan North Health Center was sentenced to five years of community control for stealing identity information from deceased patients that she used to apply for online loans. More.
  • Samantha Houseplan was arrested in Visalia for allegedly counterfeiting checks and personal identification as well as committing identity theft.  She had been the subject of ten criminal investigations.  More.
  • Lara Love and David Jackson were sentenced  to a year in jail for an identity theft scheme involving the theft of their neighbors’ and friends’ information; there were more than two dozen victims.  More.

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