Bits n’ Pieces

In the justice system:

  • Richard J. Berger has been sentenced to for 13 months and ordered to repay about $130,000 after admitting that he illegally accessed insurance company computers at The Hartford and Sunlife Financial in a scheme to steal annuity clients. More.
  • Julia Caldwell and Jacqueline Colbert, both Taco Bell of Laurel employees, have been charged for allegedly stealing credit card information from customers and using the information to purchase personal items and pay utility bills. More.
  • In Canada, a number of Thickson Road banks were hit in a debit scam this weekend, leading to the arrest of five men. An unnamed drug store in Scarborough was the point of origin for the stolen card data. More.
  • More victims of debit card fraud are turning up in Putnam County, Tennessee. Cookeville Police say they feel their investigation is getting closer to the thief who somehow stole debit card numbers and PIN numbers from people all over this area. More.

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