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In the justice system:

  • As a follow-up to a case previously covered on this site, Atin and Iris Singh have been sentenced to two years in state prison for using a skimmer and stealing customer data from Roti’s Bistro and using it for fraudulent purposes. There were reportedly about 60 victims. More.
  • Jason Lennon Bell, who pleaded guilty to identity theft crimes that involved the names of more than 100 individuals or businesses, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison. Bell last month pleaded guilty to 17 felonies in which he used the names of 107 people or businesses. He had been charged with 50 other identity theft-related felonies, but those were dismissed as part of his plea agreement. More.
  • Another routine traffic stop — this one in San Bernadino — may have broken up an ID theft ring. Five arrests were made. More.
  • Four Pinal County (AZ) residents have been indicted on fraud, forgery, identity theft and drug charges for crimes taking place between June and December 2008: Albert Robbs, Larry Garcia, Cheryl Ann Parsons, and Carol Louise Lewis. Robbs allegedly stole checks from the Pinal Co. Recorder’s Office, then gave the checks to Garcia to pay for drugs. Garcia allegedly passed the checks on to Parsons, who used them to produce forged checks and fake IDs. More.
  • Elizabeth L. Arnold and her boyfriend, Mahmoud Mahran, have been charged in connection with first-degree identity theft and fraudulent purchases of more than $7,000 in merchandise at stores across Western New York between December 2008 and February, state police announced Wednesday.More.

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