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In the justice system:

  • David S Patton pleaded guilty to developing a botnet-based spamming tool used by Alan Ralsky. Patton agreed to forfeit an estimated $50,100 from sales of spamming tools called Nexus and Proxy Scanner. Between January 2004 until September 2005, Patton developed and marketing his illegal bulk mailing tools via a firm called Lightspeed Marketing. More.
  • The Nye County Sheriff’s Office is asking for assistance in identifying two people caught on camera who are suspects in the credit card fraud scheme at the Winery Super Mart that victimized dozens of people who had used their credit card there. More.
  • The Caddo sheriff’s office has brought additional charges against Mario Travez Hulbin, who they say was the leader of a ring that stole mail and engaged in ID theft. More.
  • Jennifer Wheelock-Armstrong was sentenced to three years in federal prison on bank fraud and identity theft charges that involved stolen identification documents. More.
  • Shanon Jackson of Eau Claire was arrested and charged with identity theft. She’s accused of using clients’ credit card information to buy things like pizza and jeans for herself. More.

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