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In the justice system:

  • Melanee R. Fretz, a former bookkeeper at the Kutztown Manor nursing home, was sentenced to nine months of house arrest for stealing the identity of an invalid resident. She was also sentenced to seven years of probation following the house arrest. More.
  • Karina Orduna-Ramirez was charged with four felony counts of identity theft and three felony counts of forgery. Jose Luis Gonzalez-Diaz was charged with felony conspiracy and solicitation. The case sounds like an ID theft nightmare for its one victim, who lost his Social Security card in 2001. More.
  • As a follow-up on a breach reported on this site in June, Anna Wong  has been fined £1,000 after admitting to violating the Data Protection Act by using her position with the  Lothian and Borders Police to access  details about members of the Chinese community. More.
  • As a follow-up on another case reported in June, a former medical student at St. Joseph’s College of Maine, allegedly admitted  to using the Social Security numbers and birth dates of two men to set up checking, savings and credit card accounts at Bank of America.  Authorities believe that there may be up to 100 victims.

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