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In the justice system:

  • Jane Wyatt-Scott, a former Island Packet of Hilton Head medical center worker, has been sentenced to two years in prison after admitting she opened a credit card in the company’s name and used it to buy personal items. More.
  • Pamela Loizzo pleaded guilty to one count of identity theft and one count of fraudulent use of identity for stealing and misusing her employer’s personal information. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison with three suspended on the ID theft charge and five years on the fraudulent use of identity. The sentences run concurrently. More.
  • Mihai Ittu and Stefan Iancu have been charged in connection with incidents of tampering and skimming funds from an automated teller machine at a local bank, the Frederick Police Department in Maryland reports. The two are now in custody for similar offenses in Oklahoma. More.
  • Rosland Renee Edwards was sentenced to 32 months in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty to charges of burglary and identity theft. Marin County prosecutors say she used the American Express card of a Florida woman to pay for $24,000 worth of breast enhancement procedures and liposuction. More.
  • David J. Simon was arrested on suspicion of theft, forgery and identity theft in connection to forging a dead person’s signature on checks and credit cards, totaling more than $15,000. More.
  • Steven R. Hansen pled guilty in federal court to federal felonies involving wire fraud and misuse of another persons social security number. More.

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