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In the justice system:

  • Yes, another vehicle situation uncovers a credit card ring. This time, Philip Kevin Zilber Curtin was arrested after police investigated his car breaking down and then obtained evidence of hundreds of fraudulently obtained credit cards, a skimming device, laptop computers and thousands of dollars worth of legitimate gift cards. More.
  • Joel Swartz of Ocean City pleaded guilty in a fraud scheme in which he and his now-deceased wife Esther charged more than $75,000 to the credit cards of his dead parents. More.
  • Howard County police have charged four people from Florida in a widespread scheme that authorities said involved stealing credit-card information, financial records and personal information from as many as 100 victims in four states: Marie Arendas, Lamisha Loffett, Jamie Frazier, and Wayne Curry. More.
  • Three members of a Renton family were sentenced this morning in U. S. District Court in Seattle in connection with a bank fraud scheme that abused student loan programs: Leslie Y. Gordon, Theresa R. Hardy, and Kathy L. Hardy. The investigation revealed that the Social Security numbers were stolen from a medical clinic where Kathy Hardy worked. More.

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