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In the justice system:

  • Cecil H. Savage was arrested and charged with stealing the identities of 58 dead people and using their IDs for fraudulent purposes. He allegedly obtained their personal information over the internet. More.
  • Three people – Leslie Washington, Malon Jackson, and Jackson’s husband, Theron Smith – have been sentenced to federal prison for a scheme to steal the identities of juveniles to obtain credit cards. Prosecutors said the trio used the Social Security information of hundreds of juveniles to apply for credit cards in a scam that began in 2007 and operated through August 2008. More.
  • Three people from Colorado Springs – Mark Nielson, Corey Skinner, and Amanda Stillwell –
    were convicted in a string of 49 financial crimes. In a credit card and identity theft scam going back several months, the group used a skimmer to steal credit card numbers from patrons of a local Taco Bell and members of gyms in Woodland Park, Broomfield, Lakewood, Canon City and Pueblo. More.
  • Shane M. Kristianson and Sarah M. Westfall have been sentenced to prison for over 4 years for stealing identification information from dozens of people and then fraudulently obtaining tens of thousands of dollars from financial institutions. More.
  • Okay, this is one of those unusual twists — an ID theft ring was busted when one of the ID thieves tried to use the fake identity at a cash register where the person whose identity they had stolen was working. As a result, five people who victimized at least 39 people were indicted and three have already pleaded guilty: Jeania Dyson, Gordon Burrage, Stephanie Locke, Valorie Dade, and her daughter, Lakaia Dade. More.

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