Bits ‘n Pieces, Saturday morning edition

In February 2022, NFL’s San Francisco 49ers confirmed a ransomware attack by BlackByte. This week they started mailing notification letters to more than 20,000 people.

* * *

In a bizarre incident, hackers broke into the ride-hailing service provider Yandex Taxi’s software and sent dozens of cars to the same location, resulting in a traffic jam that lasted for three hours. The Anonymous collective reportedly claimed credit for it all.

* * *

The primary care records of 69 Stronsay residents have been unnecessarily accessed by an individual while they were working for NHS Orkney. The health board has written to them to apologize. The employee is now a former employee.

* * *

A social media graphic about “self love” shows a woman sitting on her bed with a sex toy. Surrounding her are several reminders — including how “toys can help you overcome sexual anxiety.” An Emerson High School counselor in the Frisco Independent School District recently shared that graphic on a campus social media account, having seen “self love” and not actually looking at the content. Oops?

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