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MX: LV threat actors claim to have hacked UnitedAuto

On November 19, LV BLog added UnitedAuto, a Mexican automotive company, to its leak site, claiming to have more than 2TB of stolen personal information. The threat actors criticized their victim, stating “United Auto does not have any basic protection for their system. The company has not even bothered to install antivirus on their system, while still working with their customers’ personal data. Also, United Auto has many vulnerabilities on their network, which allowed us to download absolutely all of the critical data.”

Samples were provided that included personal information as well as corporate information.

UnitedAuto’s Facebook page has not updated since October, and DataBreaches could find no notice about any incident. An email sent to the firm received no reply.

ES: Generali España insurance company

The insurance company Generali España has confirmed that it had a security incident might have affected former customers. The data that could have been affected include: name, surname, address, landline and cell phone, email, ID, date and country of birth, marital status and the IBAN code of the insured’s current account. Neither credit card data nor passwords were involved.

The incident was reported to both the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the National Police.

The full text of the insurer’s statement can be found at CyberSecurityNews. The insurer has not replied to an inquiry from DataBreaches asking how many insured members were affected by the breach.

AR: The Piamontesa has been attacked by BlackByte

La Piamontesa food company in Argentina was added to BlackByte’s  leaks site this week. A few files that appear to be internal documents from their firm were posted as proof of claim. No personal data was posted in the proof pack. The firm has not posted any notice on their site or social media and did not reply to an emailed inquiry. Black Byte also did not reply to our inquiries. The listing has a price tag of $150,000 to delete the data they claim to have.

GP: Guadeloupe reports “large-scale” cyberattack

On November 22, Guadeloupe authorities disclosed that they were facing a large-scale cyberattack.

“As a security measure, all computer networks have been shut down to protect data and a diagnostic is underway,” the French Caribbean island’s authorities said in a statement. “A service continuity plan has been put in place to guarantee public services.”

Message on Guadeloupe's site informs visitors of breach.

There was no disclosure of who had attacked them or whether there was any ransom demand. The message remains on their website as of today.

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