Bits ‘n Pieces (Trozos y Piezas)

BR- After 4 days offline, Tribunal de Justiça do Distrito Federal e dos Territórios website was back online August 3rd. Samara Schwingel-Isadora Teixera reported (machine-translated):

The platform remains unstable due to adjustments that will be made. The Civil Police are investigating the hackers who allegedly took down the site.

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DataBreaches has not found any ransomware group claiming to have hacked TJDFT and has not spotted any data online for sale or download.

ES:  The Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), which is the Spanish National Research Center, was hit by a ransomware attack last month. The attack is now attributed to Russian hackers, as Ionut Ilascu reports.

The agency notes that it followed the protocol and isolated from the network several of its research centers in an effort to control the attack and prevent it from spreading to segments that had not been impacted directly.

As of August 3, most of the agency’s centers were reportedly still disconnected and unavailable with just slightly more than 25% of them online.

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CL:  Full Logistic Services has filed a lawsuit for computer sabotage. They appear to accuse a group of Japanese nationals of physically invading their offices and proceeding to steal sensitive personal information of employees as well as proprietary confidential information. Nicolas Parra Tapia reports (machine translated):

According to the libel filed before the First Court of Guarantee of Santiago, the facts date back to June 22, when about 20 people violently occupied the company’s facilities, in breach of the entry protocols.

Their lawyer claims that the group then entered the offices to

proceed to intimidate and interrogate the administrative staff on site, demanding all computer passwords and key documentation, without exception.”


In related coverage, Noticias reports that Remberto Valdés, the lawyer for Full Logistic Services, claims that the intruders claimed that they “represented the owners of Inversiones SL Group SpA.”

After reading the filing by Full Logistics’ lawyer, attempted to contact both parties to obtain clearer statements on this confusing incident, however, no response has been received from either party.

Is this a data breach? To the extent that files with personal information and proprietary information appear to have been taken without the authorization of Full Logistics, it would appear to be a breach, but there may be much more to this story than we know or understand at this point.

If anyone has additional insights or details on this incident, email [email protected] Research for this part of the post by Chum1ng0. Reporting by Chumingo and Dissent. 





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