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MX: BlackCat claims attack on Grupo Estrategas EMM

ALPHV, aka BlackCat, claims to have attacked Grupo Estrategas EMM, but the ransomware group has not as yet uploaded any proof of claims. Nor has the insurance firm posted any notice on its website or social media indicating any incident. The insurer has not responded to an inquiry asking them if they have been the victim of the claimed attack.

CO: CL0P claims attack on Universidad De La Salle

CL0P added Universidad De La Salle to its leak page this week. As proof of claims, they posted images of passports and a copy of an international agreement. The university’s website does not display any notice of any cyberattack, nor could we find any notice on their social networks. A message sent to them on Facebook did not receive a reply.

VE: BL00DY Gang claims to have locked textile firm Telas Palo Grande

The BL00DY Ransomware Gang has claimed an attack on the Venezuelan textile company Telas Palo Grande. Some details and alleged proof of claims, including screencaps and csv files, have been posted on the group’s Telegram channel.

There is nothing on the victim’s website or social media accounts reporting any attack. An attempt to contact the firm via the email contact on their Facebook page failed as the email bounced back. A second email attempt using a contact email address on their website also failed and bounced back with an “address unknown” message.

CU: Hacktivists attack University of Havana department sites

An individual or individuals calling themself “Anonymous Cuba” disabled some pages of the University of Havana departments.

Diario de Cuba reports the hacktivists wrote, in part (machine translation follows):

This is our response to Díaz-Canel’s message to the people. Cubans, understand, everything is a farce. We are light years away from the world, everything is a lie. We could not let this sad day go by without doing anything, one more year of misery and repression. #SOSCUBA” wrote La Resistencia Cuba, the Twitter account linked to Anonymous Cuba, which identifies itself as a group of “Cuban hackers for human rights, autonomy and self-governance, resistance to tyranny, for the freedom of our people”.

“There is more, much more,” the hacktivists tweeted.

Read more at Diario de Cuba.

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