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ES: Secondary education center hit by Stormous

After several months out of the public eye, the pro-Russian Stormous Ransomware group reappeared in February. Now they have claimed an attack on a secondary education center, the Instituto De Educación Secundaria Ies Emilio Canalejo Olmeda (IESCO) in Cordoba, Spain.

On March 30, Stormous listed the entity in their Telegram channel and claimed to have leaked 50% of the stolen data on their dark web leak site. When DataBreaches checked their leak site, we saw that Stormous has given IESCO 12 more days to contact them. The currently leaked data includes folders with names like Quality procedures, Quality fillable documents, Quality information, 2022-2023 course evaluations, and a self-protection plan. DataBreaches does not know if any of those include personal information on employees or students.

No notice or statement could be found on IESCO’s website and no reply has been received to an email inquiry sent to them yesterday.

CO: LockBit leaks documents from Medellin government

DataBreaches previously reported that LockBit3.0 had claimed the Medellin government as a victim. This week, LockBit dumped some data.  According to, the leak includes:

Information from the Police and the Fourth Brigade, Firefighters, among other entities. carried out a random review of documents and was able to verify that private and sensitive data of police officers, investigators and crime victims were observed among the documents. Likewise, it was possible to verify the publication of private medical data of citizens.

MX: Yucatan government announces cyberattack

Last Sunday, the Yucatan government announced that its central server was targeted in a cyberattack, but provided no details on the attack.

The newspaper Diario de Yucatan reports details of the suspended services:

 The Yucatan Drinking Water and Sewerage Board, according to the management, does not have the electronic collection service for receipts because the app is paralyzed by the computer attack.

The Yucatan Ministry of Health is not attending, for now, the request or renewal of sanitary determinations, temporary authorization of events, payments of fines and rights for certification of export products and other contributions linked to the State Fiscal Administration Agency.

Error message on
The government’s services and procedures page is still down. Image:

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