BlackByte attacks City of Augusta, GA and demands a ransom of $2 million

Marco A. De Felice aka @amvinfe writes:

In this article we will not only address the part relating to the attack carried out by BlackByte on the IT systems of the City of Augusta, the theft of tens of GB of data or the real amount of the ransom requested by the ransomware group. Above all, we will tell about the negligence and errors committed by a high-level employee of the IT department and his poor management and security of the data of the employees and citizens of the American city, but above all of his lack of supervision

What happened regarding the bad and disturbing management of the IT department, a strategic department of fundamental importance for any Public Institution, is something shocking especially if the person in charge of managing and monitoring the security of the computer systems has disregarded all the most simple, important guidelines that a Network Administrator could have, indeed should have (he was the first) to respect.

Read his post on SuspectFile and see what you think about the mayor’s statements and what @amvinfe found when he reviewed the files BlackByte has already leaked.

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