BlackCat (Aka ALPHV) Ransomware Is Increasing Stakes Up To $2.5M In Demands

A new blog post by Resecurity indicates that BlackCat’s average ransom demand is now over $2 million. They write:

Based on the recently compromised victims in Nordics region, which haven’t been disclosed by the group yet, the amount to be paid exceeds $2 million.


According to experts from Resecurity, BlackCat ransomware actors began defining $2,5 million ransom demands, with a possible discount close to half, motivating the victim to resolve the incident as soon as possible. The average time allocated for payment varies between 5-7 days, to give victim some time to purchase BTC or XMR cryptocurrency. In case of difficulties, the victim may engage an “intermediary” for further recovery process.

Read more at Resecurity.

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