Blaming the vendor when a security breach occurs

Mitch Tulloch writes:

The blame game is something all of us practice from time to time, when something goes badly wrong we don’t want to get caught holding the bag. And when we’re accused of being the culprit, our natural reaction is to raise our hands and say, “Not me!” So it’s not unusual when a security breach happens that the business or organization immediately tries to shift the blame to the vendor. “It’s the software’s fault” is an easy way of alleviating your company of any fault in the matter. But how often is it really true?

In my view, this kind of reaction is almost always shown to be wrong once a full internal audit of the situation has been completed by the company or organization.

Well okay, Mitch, but what about all the data leaks and misconfigured servers involving vendors we’ve been reporting on for the last two years? Are you going to say that they’re not responsible?

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