Blizzard Hack by Anonymous Data Analysis

Earlier today we announced that a well known Ukrainian based gaming forum community had been hacked and a heap of data had been leaked. Now we bring you a better insight into this data. The leak was orginially announced with 1 file but in total was three and all were uploaded to bayfiles. Original file was fileblizz_users.csv**size: 7.01 MB Contains: **The following table rows user_id user_sig_bbcode_uid user_icq user_aim user_yim user_sig user_occ username user_lang user_rank user_msnm user_from user_posts user_style user_level user_email user_notify user_active user_avatar user_actkey user_regdate user_website user_password user_allow_pm user_popup_pm user_timezone user_interests user_newpasswd user_allowhtml user_lastvisit user_emailtime user_notify_pm user_viewemail user_attachsig user_allowsmile user_dateformat user_allowbbcode user_allowavatar user_login_tries user_new_privmsg user_avatar_type user_session_page user_last_privmsg user_session_time user_unread_privmsg user_last_login_try user_allow_viewonline. **Count:19107 ** Further two files were fileblz_wowreg.csv**size: 581.72 KB Contains:  **The following table rows id, ip icq, city, klas, gild, nick ,race, date, realm, email, isview, comment, frakcia, charname, Count: 2,485 file: blzew_admins.csv,**size: 110 bytes Contains:  **1 row of administration details, sadly encrypted and cleartext passwords appear to be saved side by side.

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