Blog of News Site “The Independent” Hacked, Leads to TeslaCrypto Ransomware

Joseph C. Chen reports:

NOTE: This is a developing story. Please watch this space for updates as we continue to dig into the technical details of this attack.

The blog page of one of the leading media sites in the United Kingdom, “The Independent” has been compromised, which may put its millions of readers at risk of getting infected with ransomware. We have already informed The Independent about this security incident and are working with them to contain the situation. For their part, the news website staff was quick to respond and take action to mitigate the risk this event posed to the website itself and its user base.

It should be noted that only the blog part of the website–which uses WordPress–is impacted; the rest of The Independent’s online presence seem unaffected.

Read more on TrendMicro.

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