BMO Harris Bank notifies customers after laptop stolen from vendor

In the healthcare sector today, Harris County Hospital District reported a breach. In the financial sector, it’s BMO Harris Bank reporting a breach today.  Any other Harris’s want to disclose a breach so we can have a Harris breach trifecta?

Paul Gores reports:

BMO Harris Bank said Thursday it has sent letters to an undisclosed number of customers notifying them that some of their personal information was on a laptop computer stolen earlier this summer.

The computer belonged to an employee of a vendor that was performing a routine review of information on loan applications, said BMO Harris spokesman Jim Kappel. He said the laptop was stolen in a random theft, and that the password for the computer was protected.

The computer contained names, addresses and dates of birth, he said.

Read more on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The bank did not name the vendor, did not explain why the data were not encrypted, nor how or where the theft occurred. It also took the bank over two months to notify customers, a delay they attribute to having to investigate to determine what customers to notify and what information was on the laptop. But if loan applications were being reviewed, wouldn’t the information also have included Social Security numbers and other personal and financial information?  If anyone received one of these notices, please send a copy to this site.

And in today’s world, a delay of more than two months seems pretty unacceptable, doesn’t it?


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