BofA, Citigroup warn of security breach (updated)

Tim McLaughlin pf Boston Business Journal reports that Bank of America and Citigroup have issued new credit and debit cards to Massachusetts customers after security concerns. Both sent letters to customers in MA that their account numbers may have been compromised.

“We have learned that account information from certain Bank of America debit cards may have been compromised at an undisclosed third-party location,” BofA said in a recent letter to customers in the state. As an added measure of security, BofA issued a replacement debit card.

Meanwhile, New York-based Citigroup told credit-card customers in Massachusetts “your account number may have been illegally obtained as a result of a merchant database compromise and could be at risk for unauthorized use.”

So… is this a new run on card numbers that they had previously been alerted to, or is this a new breach/incident? Hopefully we’ll find out more.

Update: SC Magazine‘s Dan Kaplan reports that a Citigroup spokesperson indicated that the breach is not a new incident:

Bank of America and Citigroup account holders living in Massachusetts recently have received replacement credit and debit cards, according to a report Monday, but bank representatives do not believe a new data breach is to blame.

“I am completely unaware of anything new,” Janis Tarter, a Citi spokeswoman, told Monday in response to the report in the Boston Business Journal.

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