‘Bohrileaks’: Massive data leak hits Bohri Muslims ahead of Moharram

Gaurav Sarkar reports:

Ahead of Moharram, a website named ‘Bohrileaks’ has released the Ashara attendance records of Bohri Muslims around the globe—including names, cell phones numbers—in what it claims is an effort to expose how poorly guarded the community’s personal data is.

The Dawoodi Bohra Fatemi dawat, the trust that governs the community and has the Syedna at the helm, maintains meticulous record of members in the eJamat card, which is issued at the time of birth and tracks members through their lifetime.


The hackers claimed they are making the data public to show that the central database, which covers multiple global cities, is not secure. The data that Bohrileaks made public on October 3 pertains to last year’s Ashara attendance, including ITS numbers, names, phone numbers, and the locality of the members. They have revealed records for UK, Pakistan, Dubai, Tanzania and India.

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The article gives the number of people compromised, but that appears to be a subset of the number who might be shamed by poor attendance being exposed, and not the total number who had their records exposed. The leak site does not provide a total number of records, but provides a “sample.” The sample suggests that there may have been 75 pages of records for one area and 49 for another. DataBreaches.net has emailed the site to ask exactly how many records they actually acquired in the hack.

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