Bulgarian Sites Hacked, Accounts Leaked By Anonymous Australia

Anonymous Australia hacktivist #doktorbass has become alot more active over the past week or so in the sense of releasing databases. The latest two from them are two Bulgarian based websites that both have small data leaks. The leaks were both announced via facebook and uploaded to pastebin.com. The first site is a stockmarket website (https://www.stockmarket.bg) that is apart of Finance.news.bg for bolivia and 93 account details as well as minor server database information has been leaked. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2311 https://pastebin.com/a4M4GzHZ The 2nd site that was targeted was https://www.goldenshop.bg/ and as a result over 830 account details have been published online https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2315 https://pastebin.com/ZqMhfLue

About the author: Lee J

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