Booking data stolen from Japanese short-time love hotel booking service HappyHotel

Duncan Riley reports:

Japanese short-time love hotel search engine HappyHotel has suffered a data breach in which the details of clients were accessed by unknown hackers.

The breach occurred on Dec. 22, with usernames, passwords, date of birth, phone numbers and home addresses of customers all being stolen. “Love hotels” are accommodations where people take others, often prostitutes, for a time as short as an hour to have sex.

Read more on SiliconAngle and please note the first comment left under this post, too, from someone who seems to have some perspective on the culture and the use of these hotel rooms.

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  1. Throw Away - January 7, 2020

    I know you just copy/paste the info from the other article but the throw away line “often prostitutes” is very inaccurate of the love hotel industry in japan and their cultural need to have a place away from family or thin walls historically close quarters of multifamily homes/apartments to have sex.

    I would comment on the original article but they seem to not have the ability to comment on articles.

    • Dissent - January 7, 2020

      Thank you for sharing that perspective. I really do not know the culture and did just copy and paste without questioning it.

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