Boomerang Tags customers notified of payment card data breach

Boomerang Tags, a company that sells pet tags and collars, has joined the ranks of e-commerce sites compromised by malware.

In a letter dated April 25th to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, Don Carrick, the owner of, writes that the malware was inserted on or before July 4, 2013,  and was first discovered by their service provider on February 18, 2014. The total number of customers affected was not reported, but  219 New Hampshire residents were among those whose payment card Track 2 data were compromised.

In response to the breach, the firm is replacing its old payment processor and designing a new website with more security features.  There does not appear to be any notice on their web site about the breach at this time, even though they updated their site yesterday with promotional text.

A copy of the consumer notification letter was also submitted to the California Attorney General’s Office (pdf).



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