Boots cover up breach of confidentiality; over 400 lost ‘prescriptions’ from its Chaddesden store

Russell Pollard reports:

Around 400 people who picked up their prescribed medication from the Boots store on St Mark’s Road in Chaddesden, in early September, should be concerned, and should be asking some serious questions of Boots.

The original versions of their ‘prescriptions’ were lost from the store – the whereabouts of their personal data unknown. Copies had to be re-printed to fulfil the orders.

Boots did not to tell the affected customers. Why?

Boots were asked to comment on this breach of confidentiality. The official response was:

“At Boots UK, we are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and data security. We are aware of our legal requirements, and abide by the data protection legislation and regulatory guidance.”

Read more on Derby News. Not only did they not notify customers, but it sounds like they threatened employees that any disclosure would lead to job repercussions.  Read the entire article and see what you think.

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