& hacked, 1400 Accounts leaked by Anonymous Australia

A web magazine website has become victim to anonymous hacktivist who have visited the site and left with a total of 1,512 accounts. The hack has also put light on the fact that Bosnia government officials are using weak passwords and that websites are still storing clear text passwords. The leak has been posted to pastebin and claimed by #DoktorBass and contains the following message,

Dear Reader, Here is a quick dump containing around 1500 emails, passwords and usernames from a Bosnian site. There is one government email in here, which is disappointing: [email protected] (email) ~ ******(pwd) ~ pjetrovic ismet (uname)

The leaked data is in the formt of emails, passwords and usernames. #doktorbass has also leaked a small amount of data from which appears to be a Syrian based courier company and the leak only contains 26 accounts and once again security has no been enforced for passwords with some being 111.

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