Bradley Foundation hacked to expose contribution to Clinton campaign??

Update and Correction: The Bradley Foundation told local news in Wisconsin that the contribution letter is a fake, a possibility that had previously been raised by an alert commenter (see comments below post). The foundation had not responded to an inquiry from prior to publication asking them if they had any comment or statement on the situation. Kevin Collier has more on the fakery over on Vocativ.

Original post:

How many entities and individuals are going to try to tamper with or influence the presidential election outcome by hacking and leaking information intended to discredit Clinton or damage her campaign? If America’s detractors and enemies want Trump elected over Clinton, and are dumping data everywhere to try to make that happen, then maybe that’s a reason to vote for Clinton. I’m not a supporter of hers, but I’m getting damned tired of those trying to manipulate the outcome by selectively targeting one candidate.

In today’s installment, Anonymous Poland  reminds us that he hacked the Bradley Foundation, allegedly to expose corruption of the Clinton Foundation and to show how the Bradley Foundation donated $150 million to Clinton’s campaign.

The hack and data dump were first announced on Twitter on October 29, and repeated thereafter, often including a screenshot of a letter showing the foundation’s intention to donate $150 million to Clinton’s campaign, e.g. was able to download the more than 30 GB data dump, which included a lot of personal information on Bradley Foundation employees such as personal contact details and emergency contact information, date of birth and tax information such as W-2 information.

The data dump also included a lot of internal documents on investments, as this screenshot of part of the directory suggests:

Partial directory listing from hacked Bradley Foundation files. </center.
Partial directory listing from hacked Bradley Foundation files.

In a series of DM on Twitter, asked @AnPoland whether he thought Trump would be better for Poland. His answer may strike some readers as naive:

“Yes! He promised to return our lands from Ukraine.”
“And you believe that?,” asked.
“We hope,” he replied.

So people had their personal information hacked and dumped because Trump promises everyone everything? Seriously?  Could Trump even locate Ukraine on a map if it wasn’t labeled? also asked @AnPoland as to how he was able to gain access.

“I got all very easy: admin/[email protected] by rdp :)” he replied, “next: run some .exe and got access to network and … got all :)”

The foundation likely did detect the hack, as he reports that they subsequently changed their password or otherwise hardened their security and he was unable to regain access.

The foundation did not respond to an emailed inquiry from about the hack and data dump.

The Bradley Foundation hack is nowheres on the order of the WikiLeaks dumps or DCLeaks, of course, but is part of a disturbing pattern this election year.  After the election, I will report on an amazing claim about how some individuals have allegedly attempted to get Trump elected. It’s a wild story, but because it may just be a story and not true, I’ll wait until the election results are in before posting it.

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