Breach at Texas State Technical College may have affected employees and former Waco students

Regina Dennis reports:

Texas State Technical College is trying to track down hundreds of former students after learning that an Internet server breach last month could have included their personal identification information.

TSTC information technology specialists on Jan. 30 discovered that someone attempted to illegally access a server that contained personal information for the nearly 4,000 employees for the TSTC system, which has Waco, Harlingen, Marshall and West Texas branches.

IT workers later discovered that the server also included information for 2,867 former TSTC Waco students, including names, addresses and Social Security numbers, TSTC spokeswoman Eliska Smith said Friday.


TSTC has not yet determined whether any data were actually extracted.  The college issued a statement on its website on January 31, and updated it yesterday. Among the updates was a statement that (only) employees who were on the November 3, 2013 payroll (less than 2,000 employees) were affected.  Intriguingly, the statement says, “In an email from the Chancellor on Jan. 31, 2014, we learned that one of our college servers was accessed by an outside source without authorization.” I wonder how the Chancellor learned of the breach.

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