What About Former Employees?

When the Tyco Flow Control Americas office at in Houston was broken into over the weekend of June 6 and 7, burglars stole the Payroll Manager’s laptop computer and gained access to locked rooms that contained payroll and HR documents of current and some former employees.

According to a letter sent by Holly Kriendler to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office on June 23, police investigation is ongoing. The company reportedly has “no reason to believe that any records in the file rooms were compromised, nor do we believe that any sensitive employee electronic records were maintained on the laptop hard drives. In any event, the hard drives of all employee computers are password protected.” Despite that belief, the company is providing its active employees with access to services provided by Identity Theft 911.

Recently, when the Steamboat Springs School District offered free services to current employees but not former employees based on costs of providing the service, it created bad will. The school district ultimately worked out a deal to provide all those affected with coverage. Tyco Flow Control America’s offer to current employees is admirable, but since former employees may presumably face the same risks, shouldn’t they also be offered services? What do you think?

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