BREAKING: FBI raids former sheriff’s deputy over hack, data dump on (Update 1)

Last week, broke the story of how some south Florida agencies’ databases were still accessible to a Russian known online as “BadVolf” (or “BadWolf”).  BadVolf, a self-identified friend of Mark Dougan, claims to have previously hacked and dumped thousands of confidential records of judges, police officers, and other law enforcement officials in retaliation for how the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office had treated his “great friend” Dougan.

As also reported in the story, contacted the still-vulnerable agencies to warn them that they needed to secure their compromised servers, and posted redacted screencaps taken from unnamed tables. Within minutes of posting the article, this blogger received a phone call from the FBI, but due to the off-the-record basis for some of what had been shared by the hacker, declined to provide any additional details beyond what was published.

This morning, received an e-mail from Dougan, saying that the FBI had raided his house. The warrant, a copy of which was provided to this site by Dougan,  indicates the charges relate to Title 18, Section 371 (Conspiracy to Defraud the United States), Title 18, Section 1030 (Fraud and related activity in connection with computers), and Title 18, Section 1028 (Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information).

Here is his statement about events this morning:

Today at about 7:30 am, I noticed a suspicious vehicle sitting in my parking lot. I went out to check it out, and it was the FBI, who jumped out and handcuffed me. They told me I was not under arrest, but they were going to search my home.

At the moment, they are going through every last possession and seizing anything electronic. All computers, servers, and even my mobile phone.

This is clearly an abuse of federal power in retaliation for my support of the people that were siding with me. These people have let local law enforcement illegally abuse their authority with no checks and balances for the last 6 years in the form of illegally investigating me, illegally hacking my email and social media accounts, and such. When I made numerous complaints, they turned a blind eye and let it continue. The only people in my corner were the individual(s) who posted the confidential information. The people must fight back against a corrupt government, if that government will not stand up for the people. sent an email inquiry to the FBI, seeking additional details. There has been no response as yet.

A search of PACER shows that there are two cases docketed in the Southern District of Florida that both have sealed warrants: 9:16-mj-08083-JMH All Defendants and 9:16-mj-08083-JMH-1. Both were issued March 11, the date of’s story.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available. I do not yet have a copy of the attachments to the warrant served on Dougan this morning, but hope to get them.

Update 1, 3:20 pm: Dougan informs this site that the FBI informed him that they are clearing the house. But now, he says, the state is executing its own warrant. has asked him for a copy of that warrant when he gets it, and will provide further updates as more information becomes available.

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  1. Jon Smythe - March 20, 2016

    Coincidence? A PBSO deputy the FBI was trying to get fired had his PBA attorney fired after he attacked the IA report on the deputy. PBSO sergent Kazanjian, who happens to be the PBA president, got ordered by the Sheriff to fire PBA Attorney Lippman. The FBI Task Force going after Doogan includes sheriff deputies assigned to it and they all work closely together with each other. PBA president sgt. Kazanjian (“Kaz”) can’t buck the Sheriff because of all the relatives of his that Bradshaw hired. After almost 20 years, PBA General Council Lippman was gone within an hour of the call from Bradshaw.

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