Breaking News: You can’t believe everything you read on RaidForums….*

CyberNews recently published a post about an alleged breach of

In their reporting, they repeated a claim on Raid Forums by  “Bandido Revolution” that data they were posting on RaidForums “…was acquired from US insurance giant Humana and includes detailed medical records of the company’s health plan members dating back to 2019.”  Elsewhere in the thread, the original poster claims they “got it through a security breach export the backup.”

CyberNews then went on to speculate about which Humana incident or breach the data may have come from.

It’s a shame CyberNews didn’t wait to get a response from Humana before they published because Humana says the data are not from their system.  Humana sent this statement to when this site reached out to them to confirm or deny the claimed breach:

Humana on July 16 became aware of a possible data breach of an unaffiliated third-party application targeted at Medicare Advantage members and agents. The application is not owned or operated by Humana.

There was no evidence that any data was removed from Humana systems, and Humana Cyber Security Operations continues to monitor the situation.

If members have any questions, they should contact Humana Customer Service at 1-866-4ASSIST (866-427-7478). If members have a speech or hearing impairment and use a TTY, they may call 1-800-833-3301.

Humana has policies and procedures in place to maintain the security of its members’ information, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

CyberNews has since updated its article.

*Of course, you can’t believe everything you read anywhere.  Including this site.

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