Breaking: Sutter Health reports stolen desktop contained data on 4.2 million patients

Statement from Sutter Health today:

Sutter Physicians Services (SPS) and Sutter Medical Foundation (SMF) — two affiliates within the Sutter Health network of care — announced the theft of a company-issued password-protected unencrypted desktop computer from SMF’s administrative offices in Sacramento the weekend of Oct. 15, 2011. Following discovery of the theft, Sutter Health immediately reported it to the Sacramento Police Department. It also began an internal investigation. The computer did not contain patient financial records, social security numbers, patients’ health plan identification numbers or medical records. While no medical records themselves were on the computer, some medical information was included for a portion of patients.

Following a thorough internal review, Sutter Health discovered that the stolen computer held a database that included two types of information:

  1. For approximately 3.3 million patients whose health care provider is supported by Sutter Physician Services (SPS), the database included only the following patient demographic information dated from 1995 to January 2011: name, address, date of birth, phone number and email address (if provided), medical record number and the name of the patient’s health insurance plan. SPS is an organization that provides billing and managed care services for health care providers with which it contracts, including facilities within the Sutter Health network. Patients who think they may be affected should to see the list of impacted health care providers.
  2. For approximately 943,000 SMF patients, the database contained the above demographic data as well as the following information dated from January 2005 to January 2011: dates of services and a description of medical diagnoses and/or procedures used for business operations. Because the data of SMF patients was broader in scope, Sutter Medical Foundation has begun the process to notify these patients by mail. Patients should receive letters no later than Dec. 5.

Sutter Health has established a toll-free help line to answer questions and assist patients in determining whether their data was on the computer. Any concerned patients can call toll-free at (855) 770-0003, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. When prompted, patients should enter this 10-digit reference code: 7637111511.

“Sutter Health holds the confidentiality and trust of our patients in the highest regard, and we deeply regret that this incident has occurred,” said Sutter Health President and CEO Pat Fry. “The Sutter Health Data Security Office was in the process of encrypting computers throughout our system when the theft occurred, and we have accelerated these efforts.”

Encryption technology scrambles each computer’s data in a way that makes it very difficult for an unauthorized user to retrieve the information. Sutter Health is also reinforcing security practices across its system.

More to follow….

Correction to headline to reflect desktop and not laptop. Thanks to the reader who pointed out my mistake!

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  1. Adam K - November 16, 2011

    The message says a desktop, but the article says a laptop

    • admin - November 16, 2011

      My bad. Thanks for catching my error – now corrected.

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