Breaking up is hard to do

In August, I reported on a dispute between the State of Texas Department of Health and Human Services and Xerox State Healthcare (formerly ACS Healthcare). The dispute arose after Texas terminated its contract with Xerox, who had operated the state’s Medicaid program and orthodontia pre-authorization program. Texas claimed that Xerox had not returned all records and equipment to them. Xerox disputed the claims, and the matter went to court.

Today, HHS added the incident to its public breach tool. The incident adds  another 2 million to the breach counter for number of patients affected by breaches.

An undated copy of the state’s August notification to Medicaid clients can be found on their website. The files in dispute may contain

information, such as a client’s name, birthdate, Medicaid number, and medical and billing records related to care provided through Medicaid, such as reports, diagnosis codes, and photographs.

Xerox did not immediately respond to a request by this site for an update on the litigation.

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