Bridgeport home healthcare aid arrested for stealing identity of 81-year-old

Fox61 reports that Philiann Barnett, 36, of Bridgeport, Connecticut has been arrested for the third time this year on charges of identity theft.


In all three cases, she was working as a home healthcare aide to a senior with diminished mental capacity.

According to Fox61, Barnett has been known to use the aliases Nikki Daley, Nikki Barber, Philliann Barber, and Philliann Burke.

Read more on Fox61. This is a good reminder that if you are hiring someone to care for an elderly relative, you really need to do a thorough background check  – or use an agency that conducts thorough background checks.  You also need to review your relative’s accounts and possessions – and it doesn’t hurt for the home healthcare aide to know that you will be showing up without advance notice.

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