Bright House Networks notifies customers of breach

Steve Ragan learned of a data breach at Bright House Networks the hard way – by getting a breach disclosure notice as a customer.

Steve describes the September 2011 letter:

“Recently, we were made aware that an unauthorized source gained access to our servers and, as a result, historical customer data back to June 22, 2011 was exposed,” the letter states.

“There has been no indication that such customer VOD data was actually access or retrieved or improperly used. However, we do want you to be aware that the possibility exists that suggest that some limited VOD data was exposed to an unauthorized source.”

The notice to customers is light on details surrounding the breach itself. Likewise, no information regarding the security incident was immediately available on What is known is that customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and Bright House Network account numbers were exposed. Sensitive data, including credit card details, passwords, or SSNs, were not exposed.

Read more on The Tech Herald.

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