Bulgaria Police Zeroed In Some Data Breach Suspects

Al Restar reports:

The Bulgarian police are investigating last week’s attack on the country’s tax systems. The suspect — who’s already in custody — is a member of the same hacking group that carried out the country’s most significant data breach in history.

Police said that one senior officer in the cybersecurity firm Tad Group had been taken into custody after the authorities searched the office of the organization and seized their computers.

“One senior manager has been taken in for questioning. He is being detained for 24 hours,” an interior ministry spokeswoman said. The official did not identify the man in custody, but she said that the police had done a thorough search of Tad Group’s offices last Tuesday.

One of Tad Group’s employee was earlier arrested under the suspicion of his participation in the cyberattack.

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Update:  Georgi Yankov, a manager at Tad Group was charged, and the charges against Kristian Boykov were reportedly changed to terrorism.

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