Bulgarian IT Specialist in Detention For Vulnerability Demonstration

A reader, Devrimer Duman, alerted me to the following situation, but the original source is in Bulgarian, so I’m going to post the beginning part of Google’s translation:

Petko Petkov, the founder of the largest IT space in Stara Zagora, was arrested for 24 hours for a video on Facebook with a demonstration pointing out vulnerability in a municipal system. The video Petko demonstrates how the personal data of 235,000 inhabitants of Stara Zagora is reached. You can see the explorer here.
The full article in Bulgarian can be found here. It seems like Petkov did try to first contact the municipal system but was unsuccessful in the attempt. The report does not appear to explain why the notification attempt was unsuccessful or how many times Petkov tried, but it’s certainly concerning when we see people arrested for disclosing vulnerabilities or breaches.
Great thanks to Devrimer Duman for alerting me to this one.


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