Business owners report theft of computer data: University Heights Police Blotter

The co-owners of Chocolate Emporium, at the Cedar-Green Plaza, reported the theft of computer data by a former employee Aug. 8. The owners said the suspect, a Silsby Road man, 24, was hired to work there Jan. 31, and they had hoped to retire and sell the business to him. He was shown a computer program, how to input orders and how to take orders by phone using the computer. He was permitted to copy product recipes to his own computer, and he told the owners he would use a program to complete the recipe transfer.

In late May or early June, the suspect installed a program called on the store’s computer. Through this program, he was able to transfer the complete store sales system, which contained customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and credit card numbers. He was not given permission to transfer this information to his computer, the owners said. The program also allowed him to clone the store’s computer system.


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