Oct 142014

Out-Law.com reports:

Businesses should not need to notify consumers that their personal data has been lost or stolen if the data has been encrypted, EU ministers have said.

Ministers in the Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the EU’s Council of Ministers backed the plans as part of a wider partial agreement reached last week on reforms to EU data protection laws (44-page / 491KB PDF).

The Committee met in Luxembourg to discuss the draft General Data Protection Regulation.

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  One Response to “Businesses should not need to publicize personal data breaches if data is encrypted, say EU ministers”

  1. Oh, common, these people are absurd. So now, everyone goes out and uses the absolute weakest encryption out there, and doesn’t say squat about the breach? I think if they use a high sophistication of encryption, with a hash thats salted, that is a good thing.

    Corporations don’t get it. They should store sensitive information on thumb drives that self destruct after 10 unsuccessful password attempts. But that also depends if the owner is smart enough to use a password that is secure, and not the same on every stinkng device they own. =\

    But this article makes it look like they want to relax security measures yet again, so the government has less to do. Looks like the coffers may be full since they fined the heck out of many corporations already. =\

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