Bionicle Hacked Again, 900+ Accounts Leaked

Once again the bionicle news website, has suffered from an attack that has leaked 900+ accounts of its users. Well as most will remember this site has been hacked time after time so its any wonder why the sites still actually being used by people and that they have not fixed these issues yet. The attack comes from pastebin user AnonTeenUSA and has the following statement in it.

Hello! I’ve got our BIGGEST Database dump EVER! This is a dump of a Forum of some Bionicle stuff. Here’s what I’m giving to you: 1,000 Member accounts, 53 STAFF accounts, and 3 MOD information files. Of course, Here is the Vuln link if you want to play around with it or retrieve more Member accounts.

The leak contains 11 administration accounts and hundreds of user accounts which have emails, first and last name, usernames and cleartext passwords.

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