C.D. Peacock sues IT firm over network breach

Wailin Wong reports:

Chicago jeweler C.D. Peacock has sued a suburban information-technology consulting firm, alleging that the company’s negligence allowed hackers to access confidential customer financial data.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court. According to C.D. Peacock’s complaint, it hired Oak Brook-based BridgePoint Technologies for IT-related services in August 2009. In March 2010, the company found that its virtual private network, designed to give remote users access to a centralized network, was failing to make those connections.

C.D. Peacock said a BridgePoint consultant inspected the network and said the VPN could not be fixed. The consultant told the jeweler to go around the VPN connection, a move that he assured would be safe, according to the lawsuit.

“Circumventing the VPN led almost immediately to a serious security breach,” C.D. Peacock said in its filing.

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