.c0mrade warns of massive exploits across many sectors that expose millions of people

.c0mrade aka @OfficialComrade has been on a mission to show that the united states of America government is insecure and all its peoples information is as well. .c0mrade has released yet another release that contains a downloadable files that was uploaded to anonfiles. The file is said to contain proof of the attack and the attack is said to be having internal access to many places including Internet access to dealerships, ones that specialize in supplying government vehicles. He has also breached/accessed internal systems for lots of shops payment/cashier systems.

!= I’m not one to devour the country that practically got this Planet on its feet. Nor am I a gutless Terrorist who prays for the Downfall of America and the desire for it to become a Wasteland and all that comes left of it is Billions of bodies piled up onto each other, burnt remains and destroyed buildings. With that being said, I have a sudden thirst for epistemology. Billions of U.S citizens are at risk. Let me elaborate, folks. =! [+] Security Issue: Formalism. The Government has one wish and one wish only, world-wide domination. If their only concern resolves around that nature, it gives people like me the ability to run schemes in the background. Gravitationally, they despise our desire to be different. We’re trapped in a hell-hole and it’s on us to do what we’ve got to do to survive. != My operative is simple. Fortunately for the Government, my formula remains hidden, too. Meaning, this attack can’t be distributed in any way as there is no primary source. Moreover, I will leak a small portion of the Data to let you all know what you’re playing with. The Data will be separated into different graphs to make the file-size smaller. =! I have Internal Access to a couple dozen dealership units that the U.S runs for Vehicles, Military Aircraft, etc. I also have Internal Access to thousands of stores and and cashier systems. Amongst those affected include almost anyone who owns a vehicle of any sort in the United States and anybody that inconveniently runs down to a nearby store to buy some groceries for the family. [+] Target: Dealership Units for Vehicles, Military Aircraft, etc in the United States and Cashier Systems for stores around the world. [+] File Link: https://anonfiles.com/file/97cfcff8f422e6e6422fcb43634073b7 [+] Password: #$^$#Y^[email protected]#%@6 [+] Compressed File Size: 146 MB (You Welcome!) NOTE! – Anything that could be used to harm the safety civilians is fortunately ciphered out. I hope the government takes the right approach when they see this and use it to crack down on some incompetent cases. You Welcome, America. #out

The leak file is 146mb compressed and just over 2gb when uncompressed. IT contains a bunch of .shr files. https://pastebin.com/zXVr9Rw0

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