Ca: 1,628 patients at Kamloops hospital had privacy breached

Dale Bass reports:

Royal Inland Hospital has advised 1,628 patients their privacy has been violated.

Nancy Serwo, acting administrator at the hospital, said two boxes of records were returned to the hospital on June 16 after they were discovered in a filing cabinet the hospital had donated elsewhere last year.

The best estimate of when the equipment was disposed of is last October, Serwo said, though she could not identify who received it.

The letter sent to patients states no one asked for identification from the person who returned the boxes to the hospital, which has made it difficult to investigate the breach.

Serwo would not identify where the cabinets had been used in the hospital, saying it was a specific, isolated area.

However, KTW spoke with one of the letter recipients, who provided a copy of the letter.

The woman, upset her medical privacy had been breached, requested her name not be published.

Her letter said her file involved in the breach included a diagnostic polysomnogram test result.

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