Ca: 43 hit by privacy breach, Maximus worker fired

Rob Shaw reports:

Forty-three people have been warned that their privacy was breached after a government-contracted health worker was caught improperly opening personal files.

The government sent letters Thursday to 26 clients, saying a total of 43 people had their personal information compromised and there is a “low risk for fraud” on their accounts. They were encouraged to sign up for free credit check services.

The 43 people include dependents of the 26 who received the letters.

An employee of Maximus Canada, which the B.C. government contracts to run its Victoria-based Health Insurance B.C. office, was fired last month after supervisors discovered the person had inappropriately accessed people’s files.

The employee would have been able to gather information about client names, addresses, birthdates, health information and social insurance numbers.

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