Ca: Algonquin College server hacked but no data taken, college says

CBC News reported:

A server hack at Algonquin College in Ottawa left the personal information of more than 1,000 former students vulnerable but no data was taken, according to the college.

A news release issued on Friday said 1,225 students in the Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs are affected.

Well, it may not have been “taken,” but by the next day, Paula McCooey of the Ottawa Citizen was reporting:

More than 1,200 former Algonquin College students may have had their personal information — including their social insurance numbers — compromised back in December, the school confirmed Friday.

One of Algonquin’s computer servers was hacked around six months ago and the school is now offering to pay for credit checks to ensure students have not been victims of identity theft.

The college confirmed they suspected suspicious activity in December 2014, but “did not know with certainty what was involved until they received the expert report in April 2015,” said the college’s spokesman Phil Gaudreau.

Some of the personal information that “may have been unlawfully accessed” include the student’s name, date of birth, social insurance number, student number, email and mailing address, visa status and citizenship, as well as academic history, according to a statement released by Algonquin. The files did not contain any personal health information or credit card information.



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